16th International CINet Conference

Pursuing Innovation Leadership

13-15 September 2015 - Stockholm, Sweden




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Call for Papers

The Continuous Innovation Network (CINet) is a global network set up to bring together researchers and industrialists working in the field of Continuous Innovation. The mission of CINet is to develop into a school of thought on Continuous Innovation. Consistent with this mission, CINet organizes an annual conference. This announcement concerns the 16th CINet conference, which will take place at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 13-15 September 2015. The theme of the conference, “Pursuing Innovation Leadership”, reflects the need for firms to continuously find new ways to improve in order to stay at the forefront of innovation, and the important role that innovation leaders in different positions play in this work.

The Royal Institute of Technology and CINet look forward to a stimulating exchange of insights into and experiences with innovation between researchers and practitioners from all over the world.

Furthermore, CINet promotes a PhD Network to foster research collaboration among PhD students and their institutions on innovation in the widest sense of the word. As part of that initiative, a PhD workshop is organized just prior to the 16th CINet conference, on 11-12 September. Besides that a CIYA Workshop will be organized, aimed at young academics working in the field of continuous innovation, and taking place on 13 September 2015.

A new format

In 2015, CINet implements a major change in its conference format. Previously, papers were accepted with up to 6,000 words. As of 2015, two options are offered:

  • “Full papers” of up to 5,000 words – to report research that has been completed.
  • “Research notes” of up to 2,000 words – for example, to propose a research idea, seek research collaboration, present a literature review, describe a research design, or report work-in-progress.

The reason for this innovation is twofold. First, ever more journals only accept conference-based articles if they are substantially different from the conference paper they are based on. Some journals request that the journal article is more than 50% different from the conference paper. By accepting shorter full papers we facilitate the development of your work into journal articles. Second, CINet wants to be a place where not only completed research but also ideas for research or collaboration and different stages of work-in-progress are presented and discussed. The “research notes” support the latter purpose.
In addition to these “paper” changes, the conference will also be redesigned and include both traditional presentation/Q&A sessions as well as more open sessions to facilitate the discussion of ideas and work-in-progress.


Theme and session tracks

The conference theme is Pursuing Innovation Leadership.

Innovation has frequently been explained as an act of entrepreneurship resulting in novel and valuable outcomes in terms of for instance new products, services, processes, and business models. Consequently, the role played by individuals performing different critical tasks, from identifying innovative opportunities to launching new products and services, has been extensively investigated and analyzed over the last decades. Previous studies have among other things highlighted the importance of different critical roles in innovation, such as for instance inventors and innovation champions. However, as firms strive to include more employees and external parties in innovation in a structured and consistent manner, the need for professional innovation leadership becomes evident. Instead of relying on individual genius and creativity, and spontaneously emerging innovation roles, many firms strive to continuously innovate by implementing more systematic and collaborative approaches to innovation work, proactively facilitated by innovation leaders at both operative and strategic levels. These new approaches and roles to continuous innovation stand out as an important field of research, with a promising potential for making innovation knowledge more cumulative and increasingly science-based.

The conference theme can also be interpreted in a broader sense, pointing to the need for more knowledge about individuals, teams, organizations, and systems that are at the forefront of continuous innovation, in terms of new strategies, structures, and practices for innovation.  As innovation in itself is a continuously changing phenomenon, theoretical elaborations and empirical observations providing new insights are constantly needed.

We are calling for papers with a strong theoretical and managerial contribution, addressing innovation, leadership, and the interface between these fields, as well as papers addressing broader continuous innovation topics:

  • Innovation leadership
  • Innovation management systems
  • Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and innovation
  • Continuous innovation strategies
  • Continuous innovation in products and operations
  • Continuous service innovation
  • Organizing for continuous innovation
  • Ambidexterity in organizations
  • Knowledge, learning, and continuous innovation
  • Human resource management and continuous innovation
  • Management of ideas and creativity
  • Innovation with external partners – open, user-driven, and supplier-driven innovation
  • Lean/agile management and innovation
  • Continuous innovation measurement and management
  • Education in continuous innovation
  • Intellectual property and innovation management (more information)
  • Radical innovation: antecedents and outcomes (more information)

If there is an additional topic you would like to contribute to, and know others researching that particular field, please take the lead, let us know and organize it.

Special issues

The best papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication in special issues of the Journal of Creativity and Innovation Management and the International Journal of Technology Management. All invited papers will go through a regular review process.

15th PhD Workshop

The CINet PhD workshop offers PhD students a unique possibility to present and discuss, receive feedback, and exchange comments and views on their research in an inspiring academic community of fellow PhD students and experienced researchers active in the CINet community.

The PhD workshop will be held on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 September 2015, just before the conference, and ends at the afternoon of the last conference day, while there are also meetings during the conference.

The seminar is equivalent to a workload of 3 ECTS.

More information can be found on the workshop website.

PhD breakfast meeting

Are you a PhD student? Meet the new editors of CIM over breakfast on Tuesday morning from 8:00-9:00 and learn how to publish in CIM and how to be a good reviewer.

Who should attend

Both academics involved in research on innovation and change as well as practitioners and consultants involved in management innovation and change are invited to submit papers relevant to the conference theme, or simply register for the conference to gain access to leading research and practices in this key area. Also academics interested in sharing industry experience are welcome.

Organizing committee

dannenProf. Mats Magnusson


boerDr. Jennie Björk


dannenDr. Sofia Ritzén


dannenProf. Margareta Norell Bergendahl


boerProf. Lars Bengtsson
Gävle University


dannenProf. Lars Bengtsson
Lund University


dannenProf. Johan Frishammar
Luleå University of Technology


boerDr. Nicolette Lakemond
Linköping University


dannenDr. Anders Richtnér
Stockholm School of Economics


dannenDr. Martin Wallin
Chalmers University of Technology


Advisory Board

Drs. Gerard Berendsen, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
Prof. Harry Boer, Aalborg University, Denmark
Dr. René Chester Goduscheit, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Dr. Luca Gastaldi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Dr. Antonella Martini University of Pisa Italy
Dr. Paolo Neirotti, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Dr. Klaasjan Visscher, University of Twente, Netherlands
Prof. Patricia Wolf, Hochschule Luzern Wirtschaf/ETH Zürich, Switzerland


More information on the keynote speaches will follow soon.

Program outline

The final pogram is available for download.

Friday 11 September 2015
PhD Workshop

Saturday 12 September 2015
PhD Workshop

Sunday 13 September 2015
CIYA Workshop and welcome reception. The welcome reception will be in the City Hall, courteously hosted by the City of Stockholm. We will have a guided visit to the City Hall, which is one of Stockholm's most famous attractions, perhaps most well-known for being the location of the Nobel Prize dinner every year on December 10.

Monday 14 September 2015
Keynotes and parallel sessions
Guided tour and onference dinner at the Vasa Museum

Tuesday 15 September 2015
Industrial panel and parallel sessions


Round one

Researchers wishing to contribute are invited to submit a structured abstract (in Word format) of 750-1000 words (not including references) by March 16, 2015. The abstract should address:

  • Theoretical and empirical background and relevance.
  • Research objectives, problem and/or hypotheses.
  • Research design.
  • Expected contribution.

The extended abstract has to fit the overall theme of the conference. A high-quality abstract might be rejected if it is outside the scope and the theme of the conference. Authors need to follow the guidelines for structured abstracts and use the template for structured abstracts.
CINet members can also explicitly ask for a full paper or research note review at this stage. Members requesting such a review must also submit by March 16, 2015. In that case, authors should follow the guidelines for full papers / guidelines for research notes and use the template for full papers / template for research notes to be sure the paper/note meets all the requirements for acceptance and inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Practitioners wishing to contribute are invited to submit an abstract (in Word format) of approximately 500 words no later than March 16, 2015. The abstract should address:

  • Industry background.
  • Presentation objectives.
  • Problems addressed.
  • Results in terms of contribution to the practice of (continuous) innovation management.

If your abstract is accepted you will be asked to submit a PowerPoint presentation (see Round 3 below), not a full paper.

All submissions will undergo a double blind peer review. The outcome of the review will be sent to the authors by April 24, 2015. The submission (abstract, full paper or research note) can either be accepted, provisionally accepted or rejected.


Round two

Submission of full paper and research notes:

  • For provisionally accepted abstracts, full papers and research notes, the due date for submission of the final full paper or research note is June 24. After a review these submissions will either be accepted, accepted with minor modifications, or rejected. Feedback will be sent to the authors by July 8.
  • For accepted abstracts and papers the due date is also July 1. The review committee will go through these submissions and authors can be asked to do minor improvements of the paper.
  • Authors should follow the guidelines for full papers or the guidelines for research notes and use the template for full papers or the template for research notes to be sure that the manuscript meets all the requirements, including layout specifications. Note that papers that are not in line with the requested layout will not be accepted!

The submission needs to be done by email to the conference secretariat. Note that the abstract in your paper/note will be published in the CINet Conference Book of Abstracts.

Round three

Due on August 1 are:

  1. Resubmissions of full papers/research notes (where minor changes were advised in round 2).
  2. Practitioner presentations (PowerPoint file). Please also submit a brief summary of your presentation for inclusion in the CINet Conference Book of Abstracts.

Full papers, research notes and practitioner presentations/abstracts should be sent to the conference secretariat by email.

Author guidelines

Read and follow the author guidelines carefully:

Use the following templates in preparing your abstract, and full paper or research note. They have been designed to help you develop your abstract, facilitate the review process and, eventually, facilitate the production of the proceedings with all contributions looking as consistent as possible:

Important notes
  • Due to the different holiday periods in Europe we cannot give extensions of the deadlines mentioned above.
  • At least one author needs to register together with the submission of the final paper on August 1, otherwise your full paper, research note or presentation will not be included in the proceedings nor included in the programme.
  • Abstracts should be submitted online. Full papers, research notes and practitioner presentations should be submitted to the conference secretariat by email.

Key dates


  • 16-03-2015: Abstract or full paper/full research note (for CINet members only and only by special request) submission
  • 16-03-2015: Practitioners abstracts
  • 24-04-2015: Review decisions sent to authors
  • 24-06-2015: Full paper/research note submission of provisionally accepted manuscripts
  • 01-07-2015: Full paper/research note submission of accepted manuscripts
  • 08-07-2015: Feedback to authors
  • 01-08-2015: Final full paper/research note submission
  • 01-08-2015: Registration for at least one author per submission

PhD Workshop

  • 15-06-2015: Application
  • 24-06-2015: Notification of acceptance or rejection
  • 15-08-2015: Submission short paper (see the workshop website for detailed instructions)



PhD student CINet member € 375*
PhD student non CINet member € 475
Other CINet member € 475*
Ohter non CINet member € 625
Practioners who only attend the Monday and/or Tuesday € 220

The fee includes the conference proceedings, and the conference dinner, lunches and refreshments

* To be able to benefit from this reduced fee for members you have to register as CINet member before April 1.


Hotels & travel

Venue and hotel

We are very glad to have a record number of paper submissions this year and look forward to a CINet conference that is larger than usual. This, in combination with the difficulty to find available hotel rooms due to another conference gathering almost 20.000 delegates in Stockholm during the same period, has led us to organize the conference at Skogshem & Wijk instead of at KTH. Skogshem & Wijk is a conference facility beautifully located at the seaside on the Island of Lidingö.

The distance to Stockholm city center and KTH Royal Institute of Technology is not that long, and public transportation and taxis are available. However, we strongly recommend booking a room at Skogshem & Wijk instead of in the city hotels. The best thing is to arrive Sunday afternoon and go directly to the reception at the City Hall. You can leave your luggage at the railway station, which is located next to the City Hall. Those arriving earlier (including PhD students attending the workshop) may consider staying in the city until Sunday. We will arrange buses from the reception to the hotel.

You can book your hotel room at Skogshem & Wijk by completing the hotel reservation form and sending it by email to the address mentioned in the form. Given that the price level in Stockholm is quite high, the hotel offers participants wishing to keep accommodation costs to a minimum the possibility to share rooms

Welcome reception

Photographer: Yanan Li

The City of Stockholm welcomes all participants to the conference reception in the City Hall on Sunday September 13, at 19:00. Apart from the formal opening of the conference, drinks and food, the reception will also include a guided visit to the City Hall, which is one of Stockholm's most famous attractions, perhaps best known for being the location of the Nobel Prize dinner every year on December 10.


Travelling information will be added soon.





15th CINet PhD Workshop

PhD students attending the conference can attend the 15th CINet PhD Workshop for free.







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