7th CIYA Workshop

7 September 2014

Continuously co-creating more relevance for the CINet conference

As much as we as young academics need to find our own niches for academic careers we also are dependent on high quality, open forums that support us in this venture. As our interest lies in innovation we do not only need great academics in our supportive communities, but also experienced practitioners and teachers, because innovation in practice is about relevance — relevant new knowledge, new ways of learning and new ways of creating, delivering and capturing value. We believe that the CINet is good in this, but we also think it can get better.

This year the CIYA invites you to collaboratively sketch out how your best supportive conference should look like to continuously co-create relevance for innovation practice, learning and academia. Interesting questions to work with could be:

  • How could a conference better support us as young academics to integrate practice, learning and research to increase relevance?
  • How can we become more attractive for practitioners — do we need new forms of collaboration and networking?
  • How CINet conference can continue to produce value in a disrupting scenario, in which conference' participations are progressively threatened by financial constraint and auto-plagiarism issues?

But there are many — bring your opinion into the discussion! It is sufficient to leave a comment in this virtual whiteboard.
Please, type your name and affiliation, and let us acknowledge your contribution.

Preliminary programme

14.30 – 15:00: Introduction and coffee
15:00 – 17:00: Hands-on! Idea mapping
17:00 – 17:30: Break
17:30 – 18:30: Wrapping up


Deadline for registration for the CIYA workshop is 30 August 2014. Registration for the workshop will take place via the CINet conference registration form or by contacting the CINet secretariat directly.


Free for CINet members and participants at the CINet conference.
If you have any further questions on CIYA, the workshop or any other CIYA related issue, please contact Jeannette Visser-Groeneveld.

Workshops Organisers

Luca Gastaldi, luca.gastaldi@polimi.it
Anne Kallio, anne.kallio@lut.fi
Henrik Sproedt, hsp@mci.sdu.dk

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