8th CIYA Workshop

13 September 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

Fostering Collaboration Among CINet Members

Ask to any CINet member which is the main aim of our network and you’ll get more or less this answer: "The aim of CINet is to stimulate and facilitate interaction and collaboration between its members”.

CINet is this: a living platform amplifying and realising our willingness to collaborate. In organising and managing this network a continuous but dynamic balance is sought between self-organisation and centralisation, between co-incidence and control, between flexibility and institutionalisation. This year we have decided to go boldly towards one pole of this continuum, and we co-organised the CIYA workshop together with its participants—with the less amount possible of a-priori control over it.
CIYA is and will always be a stepping stone not only for allowing young researchers to become excellent academics, but also to keep forward CINet mission: fostering collaboration among its members.

In this spirit, the workshop of 2015 will have two phases:

1. Initiation of interest groups
We will make visible the research interests the participants have.
Our aim is to set up informal interest groups that would function also post-conference around a chosen topic.
These interest groups will be later broaden with other CINet members who are working around the topic or wish to work.

2. Burning Topic of the Season
We will share our experiences and—depending on availabilities—invite a senior CINet member to share their stories around a topic chosen by CIYA participants.
Currently, the options are the following ones:

  • Increasing publications in good journals
  • Effectively reviewing scientific articles
  • Establishing international research collaborations
  • Writing good applications for research funding
  • Effectively collaborating with industry in R&D projects

Please visit this link and tick your favorite by September 6th.
The most voted will be posted on this page, and will be the one deepened during the workshop.

Preliminary Programme

15:00 — 15:15: Introduction
15:15 — 16:00: Initiation of interest groups
16:00 — 16:15: Break
16:15 — 17:45: Burning topic of the season
17:45 — 18:00: Wrapping up


The Workshop will take place at KTH. More details can be found on the program.


There are still some seats available and the deadline for registration is 6 September 2015. Registration for the workshop will take place via the CINet conference registration form or by directly contacting the CINet secretariat.


Free for CINet members and participants at the CINet conference.
If you have any further questions on CIYA, the workshop or any other CIYA related issue, please contact Jeannette Visser-Groeneveld.

Workshop Organisers

Luca Gastaldi, luca.gastaldi@polimi.it
Anne Kallio, anne.kallio@iut.fi
Magnus Persson, magper@chalmers.se



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