10th CIYA Workshop

9 September 2018, Dublin, Ireland


Targeted at young academics, the CINet Young Academics (CIYA) Workshop is conceived as a way to support the career development of young scholars in the field of continuous innovation by teaching and sharing with them major skills needed in an academic career. Furthermore, the initiative is aimed at developing the community of young CINet scholars, keeping the network alive and providing opportunities to meet and discuss relevant topics.

Important skills are related to the following subjects:

  • Supervising MSc and PhD students.
  • Teaching continuous innovation in MSc and MBA students.
  • Designing and developing research projects in continuous innovation - from concept to publication.
  • Developing your career - managing your way through academia.
  • Developing theoretically rigorous and managerially relevant continuous innovation research.

Each year one of the above subjects is developed on a rolling base.

This workshop will focus on “career development – creating your way through academia". After the PhD and/or Postdoc program many young academics struggle to get a strong foothold in academia. To begin with, it can be challenging to find job positions in universities. And once the job is there, one is often faced with simultaneous demands for doing remarkable research, teaching and supervising, and creating both research and industry collaborations in order to, among other things, pave the way for successful funding applications. Juggling the transition from newly educated to senior researcher is indeed a demanding task. Are you interested in discussing the challenges and getting inspiration for smart moves to make when seeking to shape your career in academia? Join us on September 9th in the afternoon in Dublin for an engaging workshop.

Target group

The 2018 CYIA workshop is open to CINet members who participate in the 19th International CINet Conference and have completed their PhD studies in the last five years or are close to completion.

Preliminary programme


Participants’ presentations regarding their desired career path, and challenges related to this


Panel of three guests from CINet community in different stages of their career
Panelists join for the discussion & questions of the participants
Short break
Working on solving the identified main concerns together with some of the panel members, and forming interest groups for continued work after the workshop 
14:30:14:45 Wrap up


Write an email to Mrs. Jeannette Visser-Groeneveld in order to apply for participation in the workshop. The deadline for application is August 31. Young scholars who are accepted for participation are expected to briefly describe the issues (main challenges you see in developing into a senior researcher) that you would like to discuss during the workshop.




bessantMagnus Persson
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

coughlanLuca Gastaldi
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

chapmanMarianne Harbo Fredriksen
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

corsoMelanie Wiener
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

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