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19-12-2014: Future Forum Lucerne
13-10-2014: 11th CINet PhD Seminar on researching continuous innovation
18-09-2014: PhD position at Luleå University of Technology
12-09-2014: CINet 2014 Best Paper Awards
14-08-2014: Postdoc position Umea University
28-07-2014: Postdoc position Grenoble
26-03-2014: 8th CIYA Workshop
23-06-2014: 14th CINet PhD Workshop
26-03-2014: 3rd CreaLab Summer School: CO-LABOR'ATORIES - Creativity on tour


15-12-2013: Open positions at Lillehammer University College
28-10-2013: Call special issue International Journal of Business Environment
09-10-2013: Special track on Social Media and Knowledge Management at IFKAD 2014
27-09-2013: 15th International CINet Conference 2014
27-09-2013: Collaboratively work on "Smart Working" within CINet
27-09-2013: Part-time PhD on Innovation and Technology Management
27-09-2013: The Creative Living Lab: Innovation Methods Platform
27-09-2013: Harry Boer awarded as Honorary Professor at Corvinus University, Budapest
20-09-2013: 10th PhD Seminar 2014
14-09-2013: Outcome elections CINet board
13-09-2013: Mariano Corso awarded as Honorary Member
13-09-2013: John Bessant Best Paper Award 2013
03-09-2013: Alexia Jacobsen defended thesis
17-08-2013: Job opportunity at University of Southern Denmark
06-05-2013: Call PhD Programme Politecnico di Milano
02-05-2013: Research Doctorate Programme in Management at LUISS Guido Carli, Rome
26-04-2013: 9th CINet PhD Seminar: a great success
2nd CreaLab Summer School: LIVETOWORK - WORKTOLIVE
13-03-2013: CIM Best Paper Award 2012 won by CINet members
12-01-2013: ISPIM-Wiley Innovation Management Dissertation Award
12-01-2013: Tor Tønnessen defended his thesis


23-12-2012: 14th International CINet Conference
18-12-2012: CO-CREATE 2013
17-12-2012: Blog post: "Why study innovation if we know all about it - or do we?"
21-11-2012: 9th CINet PhD Seminar
22-10-2012: 8th International forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD)
21-09-2012: Two new CINet board members
21-09-2012: Job opportunity at Aalborg University
21-09-2012: John Bessant Best Paper Award 2012
Job opportunity at University of Gothenburg
13-07-2012: CIYA Workshop Rome
IJTM specials in CINet conferences
13-07-2012: Call for Papers Decisions Sciences Journal
12-04-2012: CIM Community Workshop Berlin
12-04-2012: Summer School on Innovation Methods
09-03-2012: Web-book edition "The Innovative Engineer" by Astrid Lassen and Bjørge Laugen
01-03-2012: Creativity and Innovation Management Journal in ISI
01-03-2012: Special on CINet Conference 2010 in March 2012 issue CIM
17-02-2012: Announcement special tracks CINet 2012
12-01-2012: ISPIM-Wiley Innovation Management Dissertation Award


22-11-2011: 8th CINet PhD Seminar 2012
16-09-2011: John Bessant Best Paper Award 2011
16-09-2011: 13th Annual CINet Conference 2012
14-09-2011: Harry Boer elected Honory Fellow EurOMA
15-09-2011: CINet board elections: one new board member elected
09-07-2011: 5th CIYA Workshop
09-07-2011: Yariv Taran defended his thesis
31-03-2011: Job announcements at CIP, Aalborg University, Denmark
31-03-2011: International PhD competition at University of South Australia
18-03-2011: Mareike Heinzen defended her thesis
11-03-2011: Two CINet members appointed as associate editors CIM
11-03-2011: International Manufacturing Strategy Survey 2009 - A Global Report


22-11-2010: 12th International CINet Conference 2011
15-11-2010: Christian Sandstrom defended his thesis
15-11-2010: 7th CINet PhD Seminar 2011
14-10-2010: Job announcement at the Technical University of Denmark
16-09-2010: John Bessant Best Paper Award 2010
27-05-2010: Ross Chapman appointed as head of Deakin Business School
25-03-2010: Ross Chapman President-Elect of ANZAM
16-03-2010: Sofia Börjesson appointed as Professor at Chalmers University
09-03-2010: Mats Magnusson appointed as Professor at KTH
06-03-2010: Job vacancies at Gothenburg University
25-02-2010: A report on the CIYA Workshop on developing a research proposal on Absorptive Capacity


18-12-2009: 3rd CIYA Workshop: Research project on Absorptive Capacity
18-12-2009: Inaugural lecture Petra de Weerd-Nederhof
24-11-2009: 11th International CINet Conference in Zürich, Switzerland
12-11-2009: John Bessant Best Paper Award 2009: Jennie Björk, Paolo Boccardelli and Mats Magnusson
05-11-2009: 2nd CIYA Workshop: International Research Collaboration
09-06-2009: 1st EurOMA Summer School in Operations Management
03-03-2009: 5th CINet PhD Seminar overwhelming success
03-03-2009: Erik W. Hallgren defended his thesis
17-02-2009: Call for Papers special issue IJOPM
11-02-2009: 1st CIYA Workshop: writing and reviewing scientific articles
23-01-2009: International Manufacturing Strategy Survey - A Global Report


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20 September 2020
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