5th CINet PhD seminar in Zürich overwhelming success

Added: Friday 8 May 2009, 16:20

seminarOn 20-24 April, the 5th CINet PhD Seminar on Researching Continuous Innovation took place in Zürich, Switzerland. The seminar was hosted by Dr. Carmen Kobe of the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule.

The seminar was a truly international event. Eight students from four universities in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and representing five different nationalities, took part. The faculty consisted of Harry Boer (Denmark), Bjoerge Laugen (Norway), Carmen Kobe (Switzerland), Mariano Corso (Italy) and Mats Magnusson (Sweden).

The program consisted of presentations, group work and plenary discussions. Each morning, one of the faculty members presented her/his research, showing how she/he worked from a research topic, via research design and method, to a contribution to continuous innovation theory. Each afternoon saw two student presentations, followed by group work aimed at addressing the question how the studies presented that afternoon could benefit from the faculty experience and lessons presented and discussed during the morning sessions. Lively discussions concluded the day.

seminarIn addition to the key research design principles, a broad spectrum of methodologies were presented and discussed, including case studies, surveys, action research, intervention (implementation) and collaborative research.

The student presentations included managing globally dispersed development activities, green business model innovation, product management and innovation, creativity in new product development, and managing complexity through product architecture.

The variety of nationalities, methods, research topics combined with an open, critical yet constructive atmosphere in which the participants, students and faculty alike, showed a genuinely deep interest in each other's work ensured the lustrum edition of the seminar became an overwhelming success.


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