CIYA Workshop on International Research Collaboration

Added: Thursday 5 November 2009, 10:45

ciya 1On the 9th of September 2009, the 2nd annual workshop for CINet Young Academics (CIYA) was held following the 10th CINet conference in Brisbane. 15 Young academics participated in workshop, making the day stimulating and full of great expectations for the future.

The theme of this workshop was "international research collaboration" – and the aim was to get input on collaboration strategies from experienced scholars, as well as initiate discussions on how to set-up research projects amongst CIYA members.

The workshop started with a presentation from top entrepreneurship scholar Professor Per Davidsson from QUT, Brisbane. He provided insights into ways of building a brilliant research career based on a mixture of intended strategies and a more open, emergent approach to creating and seizing opportunities. Professor Davidsson in particular emphasized the importance of network, and how building diverse personal relationships in academia may also open up for a range of professional opportunities.

ciya 2The second part of the workshop focussed discussion of opportunities for joint research projects amongst CIYA members. There proved to be a number of interesting topics, and three groups were formed to start working more in detail on how to set up the projects.

The three topics chosen were:

  • Corporate entrepreneurship in small established firms (contact person: Rick Middel)
    Comparison of existing datasets on interorganizational relationship in the logistic industry (contact person: Mario
  • Ferrer)
  • Multilevel analysis of absorptive capacity in innovative organizations (contact person: Alex Pedrosa)
    By the end of the day three project plans had been formed and were presented. Until the next CIYA workshop the groups will take steps towards substantiating the project plans and identifying funding opportunities for setting up the projects.

Thank you to the CINet organizing committee in Brisbane for providing an excellent venue for the workshop, and to all the participants for constructive contributions and pleasant company.


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