Harry Boer elected Honory Fellow EurOMA

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On the photo: Raffaella Cagliano handing over the award to Harry Boer.

Harry Boer, Professor of Strategy and Organization at the Center for Industrial Production at Aalborg University, was elected Honorary Fellow of the European Operations Management Association (EurOMA). EurOMA is a European-based network of academics and practitioners from around the world who have a common interest in the continuing development of Operations Management.

Harry was elected EurOMA Fellow in recognition of his contribution to Operations Management research and education in Europe, and as a sign of respect for his service to EurOMA and to the Operations Management community in Europe. The Honory EurOMA Fellowship certificate was handed over to Harry by professor Raffaella Cagliano (Politecnico di Milano and EurOMA President) at the EurOMA Conference (Cambridge, June 2011). So far, the fellowship has been granted to eight leading Operations Management scholars.

EurOMA was established in 1993, with Harry Boer as one of the founding members. He has been a board member from 1993 to 2007, and has organized, and been a faculty member of, EurOMA's annual Doctoral Seminars since 2002 as well as the association's Young Scholars Workshops since 2009. In recognition for his contribution to the development of early stage researchers, the Harry Boer Best Student Paper Award was established in 2009.


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