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Added: Friday 11 March 2011, 14:20

The editors of the Creativity and Innovation Management Journal (CIM) published by Wiley, have taken the initiative to renew the journal's editorial board structure. As of 2011, CIM 's aims and scope can be characterised by the following set of topical departments. Each department has a newly appointed associate editor as listed below:

  • Continuous Innovation and Creativite Leadership
    Dr. Jennie Björk, KTH Sweden & representing CINet
  • Creative Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Dr. Rainer Harms, leading the International Entrepreneurship Research Group at NIKOS, University of Twente
  • Creative Problem Solving & Creativity Techniques
    Ir. Han van der Meer, TUDelft, Saxion & board member EACI
  • Creativity and Innovative Behaviour
    Dr. Frances Jorgenson, Aarhus School of Business and representing CINet
  • Design Management and Creative Industries
    Dr. James Moultrie, University of Cambridge
  • Innovation Networks, Teams and Projects
    Prof. Jan Kratzer, epartment editor: Jan Kratzer, TUBerlin
  • Innovation Processes and Radical Innovation
    Dr. Alberto DiMinin, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa, and also visting researcher at University of Twente


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