The IMS Survey 2009 - A Global Report

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The area of manufacturing strategy has developed considerably during the last three or four decades. From a start where the primary focus was on efficiency and technology, manufacturing strategy today covers operations management in the broadest sense of the word, including new product development, supply chain management, e-business and servitization. Furthermore, competition in industry is getting ever harder. New players are entering markets, new and disruptive technologies are introduced more frequently than ever before, and established players and even whole economies are losing ground. The increasing globalization, out-/insourcing and pace of change force companies to continuously develop and adopt new practices to keep up with competition. For academia, this creates the challenge to continuously identify and validate new management practices in order to develop the body of knowledge in ways that are useful and usable for companies.

The International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS) is a global network of universities and business schools conducting joint research in the area of manufacturing strategy. Started in 1990, the network has collected data from more than 500 manufacturing companies worldwide in each of the five rounds the survey has been conducted. The IMSS network can therefore be said to be one of, if not the longest lasting global research networks on manufacturing strategy. During this period, the IMSS network has contributed significantly to the scientific community in general, and to the area of manufacturing strategy in particular.

This booklet is written to present some of the key insights obtained from the fifth round of the IMSS, to an audience consisting of industrial managers, trade unions, research councils, funding bodies and politicians. The report is based on data collected in 2009 from more than 650 companies in 19 countries worldwide.

The International Manufacturing Strategy Survey, has just launched a new website.

The report is available for download for CINet members from the CINet publications webpage.


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