John Bessant Best Paper Award 2012

Added: Thursday 20 September 2012, 13:30

bpa 2012Earlier this week the 13th CINet International Conference was held in Rome, Italy. During the closing session the John Bessant Paper Award was announced, and the winner is:

David T. Rosell, Lisa Melander and Nicolette Lakemond, Strategies for integrating supplier knowledge in innovation – internal knowledge absorption and joint knowledge accumulation

From the jury report: "The paper is based on a well-developed theoretical background, and is a both theoretically and managerially relevant study. The paper describes six carefully sampled cases in three companies active in various industries. The authors suggest different strategies for integrating knowledge, depending on the nature of the knowledge."


  • Mariana Dodourova and Keith Bevis: Networking innovation in the European car industry: does the open innovation model fit?
  • Carl Wadell and Jennie Björk: Boundary spanners of user information

Congratulations to all!!


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