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Focused Issue on “Management of Innovation Within and Across Borders”

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2013
Focused Issue co-Senior Editors: Janice Carrillo (University of Florida, USA), Cheryl Druehl (George Mason University, USA), Juliana Hsuan (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark).

Innovation is an integral part of every firm’s ongoing operations. While new product and service creation is an essential task to ensure a firm’s immediate success in the marketplace, process and supply chain innovations can also create a unique source of competitive advantage for the future. Encouraging innovative thinking, developing new innovations, and managing the processes by which those innovations are developed are critical aspects of today’s firm. Consequently, research which aids in the creation and maintenance of innovative firms is an important topic of inquiry for the operations management (OM) and information systems (IS) communities.

The objective of this focused issue is to encourage rigorous and relevant research on the management of innovation. We invite authors to submit papers that address the topic of innovation within and across borders. Recognizing and celebrating the complex nature of innovation processes, the term “borders” in this context can denote a firm’s (i) value chains, (ii) functional boundaries, (iii) corporate boundaries, and (iv) geographic borders.

We seek papers that address contemporary topics and have the potential to create a new foundation for the management of innovation in the future. We are particularly interested in the processes which underlie innovation. The papers may draw from one or more methodologies, including analytical, empirical, and conceptual approaches. Multi-disciplinary papers are encouraged, as long as they adhere to the editorial guidelines established for DSJ.

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