14th International CINet Conference

Business Development and Co-creation

8-11 September 2013 - Nijmegen, Netherlands

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The 14th International CINet Conference
Continuous innovation is the ongoing process of initiating, developing, operating and improving new and existing configurations of products, market approaches, processes, technologies and competencies, organization and management systems. As organizations strive to achieve a synergistic balance between short-term oriented, operationally-effective exploitation strategies and longer-term, flexibility-oriented exploration strategies, the rapid growth of the global knowledge economy has placed learning at the center of this critical balance. The theme of the CINet 2013 conference is "Business Development and Co-creation". Congruent with its core area of interest, the 2013 conference features a novelty, namely a “pracadamic” day, meant for practitioners and academics to meet and work together.

"Pracademic" day
A core ambition in the research of the CINet community is to add value for companies and organizations in their quest for sustainable performance. Although there is an extensive amount of excellent innovation theory and best practices, implementation is still an issue. Therefore it is a real challenge to make the practical impact of research efforts of CINet members clearer and more visible. The "pracademic" day will highlight this issue and offer different platforms to create ideas and find solutions, with practitioners and academics interactively working together to bridge the gap between theory and implementation. Share your expertise, open up for new ideas and get new insights!

Who should attend
Both academics involved in research on innovation and change and practitioners and consultants involved in management innovation and change are invited to submit papers relevant to the conference theme, or simply register for the conference to gain access to leading research and practices in this key area. Also academics interested in sharing industry experience are welcome.

13th PhD Workshop
In addition to the main conference there will be a PhD Workshop (on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 September) designed for doctoral students. The CINet PhD workshop offers PhD students a unique possibility to present and discuss, receive feedback, and exchange comments and views on their research in an inspiring academic community of fellow PhD students and experienced researchers active in the CINet community.

6th CIYA Workshop
Also this year CIYA will organize a workshop. More information will follow soon!

Interested in presenting your paper?
Submit your extended abstract or full paper (optional for CINet members) for double blind peer review before 15 March 2013.

More and regularly updated information can be found on the conference website: http://www.continuous-innovation.net/Events/CINet2013.html.


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