Two new CINet board members

berendsenneirottiAdded: Wednesday 26 September 2012, 16:30

Left: Gerard Berendsen
Right: Paolo Neirotti

At the latest Annual General Meeting which was held during the 13th CINet Conference in Rome, Italy, two new board members were installed: Gerard Berendsen from HAN University, Netherlands, and Paolo Neirotti from Politecnico di Torino, Italy. Both are regarded as a very valuable addition to the board.

Unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to two two board members: Carmen Kobe from and Bjorge Laugen. We hate to let them go, both have contributed a lot to the development of CINet, both in their own ways. Luckily they won't leave CINet, "just" the CINet board.

Last but not least: also Antonella Martini's two terms in the board were over, however, she was co-opted and will take up the role of communication officer.


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