Web-book edition "The Innovative Engineer"

Added: Friday 9 March 2012, 12:00

cimThe book "The Innovative Engineer", written by CINet members Astrid Heidemann Lassen and Bjørge Timenes Laugen has recently been turned into a web-book edition.

Over time, managers across the world have come to excel in established production processes to such a degree that these no longer represent a significant competitive advantage. The new challenge for companies that want to stand out from the crowd is to manage the innovation process. This entails understanding how to utilize the ability to change, creating new competitive advantages by offering new and better products and services, recognizing the possibilities in applying new processes, and spotting opportunities in new markets.

Innovation is important on several levels. For the company, innovation is not only about creating new sales opportunities, but also about strengthening the internal knowledge base that can form the basis of future innovations. Innovation contributes to increasing the general level of productivity in businesses, and thereby in society as a whole.

Today, innovation is thus considered one of the most important drivers of growth and prosperity in the global as well as the national economy. All companies are forced to consider it to ensure their continued survival. An example of the new innovation strategy-based competition is Procter & Gamble of the USA, one of the world's largest suppliers of consumer goods. Procter & Gamble has set the goal that in two years, products that do not exist today will account for 20% of the company's revenue.

Despite the considerable interest in the innovation process, we have yet to master it.

"The Innovative Engineer" study was conceived from a desire to better understand the role Danish engineers play in companies' innovation capability. This is based in a conviction that engineers and their competences in for example technology, manufacturing, and management play a central role in the development of Danish business, including the innovation capability that will ensure continued growth in Denmark.


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