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On March 9 and 10 Zukunftslabor CreaLab organises "Empowerment re-visited: Citizens empower sciences empower employees", an event organised by Zukunfslabor CreaLab. Future Forum Lucerne is a cross-boundary conference between business and research. They offer tools, methods and knowledge to enable change and innovation.

Key speakers

Georges T. Roos, Futurist, Lucerne, Switzerland
Denisa Keira, Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore
Daniel Straub, Founder of the Agentur[zum]Grundeinkommen, Zurich, Switzerland.
Jens O. Meissner, Professor of Innovation Management and Vice Head of Future Laboratory CreaLab at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Main topics and questions

  • New collaborative forms of working which not only enable the empowerment of all participants but also require it. Here, organizations learn from and together with do-it-yourself and citizen science communities.
  • Resilient organizing which make organizations and people robust enough to deal with new developments because they enable the distributed, self-determined and efficient use of resources.
  • Transformative leadership which fosters self-competence of leaders and employees. The team energy for tackling challenges is created through the visions, skills and competences of all team members. Transformative leadership is un-bossing – it enables and utilizes the access to this energy.

Are you currently facing a challenge in the area of empowerment? Become a challenge provider and make use of the creative and innovative potential of the participants of the Future Forum Lucerne 2016!

More information can be found on the conference website.

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