Special issue IJTIP "Open Innovation in Practice"

Added: Monday 05 January 2015, 13:00

We are happy to announce that the International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning (IJTIP) special issue entitled "Open Innovation in Practice" and based on the 14th CINet Conference which was held in Nijmegen in September 2013) will be published soon. The Special Issue will be composed of the following articles:

  • Lazzarotti, Valentina, Raffaella Manzini and Luisa Pellegrini, "Still we need another Special Issue on Open Innovation?" (Editorial)
  • Berendsen, Gerard, Rick Middel, Ineke Pieters, Fabian Angard and Fredrik Hillerström, "Social Media Within Sustainable Product Development. An exploratory multiple case study on the perception of social media usability in the new product development process"
  • Chiaroni Davide, Vittorio Chiesa, Federico Frattini and Riccardo Terruzzi, "Implementing Open Innovation: a Case Study in the Renewable Energy Industry"
  • Lidegaard, Nina, Harry Boer Harry and Morten Munkgaard Møller, "Organising Purchasing and (Strategic) Sourcing – Towards a Typological Theory "
  • Morillo Marta, Dell'Era Claudio and Verganti Roberto, "Exploring the Role of "Outsider" Interpreters in the Development of Design-Driven Innovations"
  • Neirotti Paolo and Paolucci Emilio, "Innovation intermediaries as agents for SMEs' organizational learning: a case study on the UCLA's Global Access Program"
  • Wolf Patricia and Holzer Jacqueline, "Behind the Stage: The Making Of Innovation Practice in Private organizations"

More information can be found on the journal website.

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