Special issue IJTM on CINet Conference 2013

Added: Fridaya 16 January 2015, 17:00

The International Journal of Technology Management (IJTM) special issue from the CINet conference (which was held in Nijmegen in 2013) is now ready for publication. The conference special is guest edited by Gerard Berendsen, Luca Gastaldi and Antonella Martini and contains the following papers:

  • Introductory paper: Gastaldi, Luca, Francesco Paolo Appio, Antonella Martini, Mariano Corso, Academics as Orchestrators of Continuous Innovation Ecosystems: Towards a Fourth Generation of CI Initiatives
  • Avnimelech, Gil and Maryann P. Feldman, Cross-University Variation in Spin-offs Rate and Location: A study of Formal and Informal Spin-Offs from 124 U.S. Academic Institutions
  • Helander, Max, Robert , Katarina Lund-Stetler, Mats Magnusson, Applying Lean in Product Development: Enabler or Inhibitor of Creativity?
  • Ghezzi, Antonio, Andrea Cavallaro, Andrea Rangone, Raffaello Balocco, On Business Models, Resources and Exogenous (Dis)Continuous Innovation: Evidences from the Mobile Applications Industry
  • Michelino, Francesca, Emilia Lamberti, Antonello Cammarano, Mauro Caputo, Open Models for Innovation: an Accounting-based Perspective
  • Nicholas, John, Ann Ledwith, Davide Aloini, Antonella Martini, Anna Nosella, Searching for Radical New Product Ideas Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis for Construct Validation

The introductary paper points out some relevant aspects for the CINet community and will be available for download for free once the issue is published.

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