Future Forum Lucerne

Projects management is one of the most dominant working structure and social format of our times. Our working environments change, and accordingly we experience shifts in how we act with and through projects. Future project management has to support new work both with regard to methods and personal engagement. As basis for success, a project needs soul, a sense of timing and an awareness of scopes of action to unfold. Where and how can one plan and find traces, mechanisms, concepts that can evolve and form methodologies?
In Future Forum Lucerne 2017 we presume from 15th to 16th March 2017 that successful project management needs to be based on:

  1. Consciously developing innovation processes. Innovative interdisciplinary teams need open rooms for maneuvre and at the same time clearly set frames for action and well defined rules of autonomy
  2. Developing timing with a keen sense of the project objectives and with competence, so that the rhythm of the project planning accords with the needs for collaboration
  3. Observing and supporting enthusiasm for capitalizing on the motivation of all participants. The project needs a continued narrative of sense making of the own approach, of reasons for others to contribute, and of what is of paramount importance regarding occupation and vocation, passion and competences of everybody involved.

Here you can find the List of Workshops and the Key Speakers.

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