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From left to right: Luca Gastaldi, René Chester Goduscheit, Nicolette Lakemond, Luisa Pellegrini, Magnus Persson and Patricia Wolf

Added: Tuesday 20 September 2016, 11:00

At the latest Annual General Meeting which was held during the 17th CINet Conference in Turin, Italy, CINet chair Mats Magnusson presented new members to the CINet board. Nicolette Lakemond from Linköping University in Sweden and Luisa Pellegrini from the University of Pisa, Italy, are new to the board, while Luca Gastaldi from Politecnico di Milano and René Chester Goduscheit from the University of Southern Denmark were re-elected for another period of three years.

Magnus Pesson from Chalmers University, Sweden, and Patricia Wolf from Lucern University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland, were was co-opted by the CINet board.

CINet is a community, and as such it relies on its members' willingness to actively participate in the development of the network. By standing for election the new board members have shown that they want to contribute directly to our joint endeavour and we are truly grateful for that. The board very much looks forward to working with the new members in the coming years and hope that it will be an energizing and fruitful collaboration.


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