Best Paper Awards 2017

Added: Monday 18 September 2017, 14:15

A committee consisting of Magnus Persson (Gothenburg), Paolo Neirotti (Turin), Klaasjan Visscher (Twente, and former editor of Creativity and Innovation Management) and Patricia Wolf (Lucerne) selected the two best paper awards of the 18th CINet conference, hosted by the University of Potsdam, 10-12 September 2017.

John Bessant Best Paper Award

handing over bpaTim G. Schweisfurth, Michael A. Zaggl, Claus P. Schöttl and Christina Raasch won the John Bessant Best Paper Award for their paper “Does similarity between evaluator and creator affect the evaluation of ideas?” Motivation: The paper investigates an interesting and relevant phenomenon, i.e., how to avoid evaluation biases in the generation of innovation ideas. This topic is close to the old dilemma of the “not-invented-here” syndrome. The authors study their topic in an original way, combining theoretical perspectives based in Innovation Management and Organization Behavior, rigorously, based on sound econometric analyses, and in an interesting and unique empirical context (a multinational enterprise in a hi-tech industry).

The award was handed over to Claus P. Schöttl by Paolo Neirotti.


Mariano Cors Best Practical Implications Award

The Mariano Corso Best Practical Implications Award was won by Anna Karlsson & Lars Bengtsson for their paper “The managerial challenge of setting goals conducive to individual ambidexterity”. Motivation: The paper deals with the important issue of achieving ambidexterity on individual level, to have employees pursue both explorative and exploitative activities in their work roles. The paper is based on an extensive case study at an international manufacturing company, and includes both interviews with more than 30 R&D managers, and a questionnaire sent to about 600 employees in the R&D and product management organizations. The paper provides practical implications about how managers should set goals for innovation and operational activities by using different types of goal attributes.

Unfortunately the authors had already left when the award was announced, so no picture here.


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