Open PhD positions TU Denmark

Added: Wednesday 13 April 2017, 11:45

There are two open PhD positions in the Engineering Systems Division at the Technical University of Denmark. Application deadline is May 15. The two PhD students will complement three ongoing PhD projects, and are part of a larger DTU-NTNU collaboration on advanced risk management practices in the context of complex socio-technical systems. The projects cover design, management as well as technical aspects.

PhD scholarship in Robust Decision Making for the Management of Large Engineering Projects

Focus: Development of novel adaptive management strategies to cope with critical uncertainties in large-scale engineering projects. The project will be executed in close collaboration with industry and government partners. We are open to customize the project to the experience and interests of the candidate, so this may include topics of public participation, related policy making (including RDM), early stage technology management and insertion processes, systems engineering, construction management etc. More information ...

PhD scholarship in Safety and Security Risks for Cyber-Physical Systems

Focus: Development of methods to perform holistic and cost-effective risk and safety analyses of complex cyber-physical systems heavily dependent on information and communication technologies. The project will include identification of (cascading) safety and security risks, evaluation of predictive power of methods and their practical industry validation. More information ...



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