Nicolette Lakemond appointed as full professor

Added: Monday 20 February 2018, 11:00

handing over bpaNicolette Lakemond has received a new position at Linköping University as professor in industrial management. Her research focuses on innovation in complex systems, including technology platforms, applications and system-of-system interfaces. She is particularly interested in studying the consequences of complexity related to digitalization of products and industry. This includes the management of innovation that is driven by a large body of uncoordinated actors in e.g. bilateral and multilateral collaborations, networks, ecosystems and communities. In her new position, Nicolette will be able to continue to build a strong research group addressing these issues.

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20-24 April 2020
Stockholm, Sweden

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18-20 September 2020
Milan, Italy

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20 September 2020
Milan, Italy

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20-22 September 2020
Milan, Italy


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