Special issue IJTM on CINet Conference 2017

Added: Friday 7 June 2019, 11:00

The International Journal of Technology Management (IJTM) special issue from the CINet conference (which was held in Potsdam in 2017) is now ready for publication. The conference special "Digitalising Products: Development, Design and User Acceptance" is guest edited by Luca Gastaldi, Antonella Martini and Paolo Neirotti and contains the following papers:

  • Digitalising products: towards an integrated view of challenges in development, design and user acceptance, Paola Belingheri and Paolo Neirotti
  • Digital-physical product development: a review and research agenda, Stine Hendler and Harry Boer
  • Managerial attention alteration in integrated product-service development, Siri Jagstedt
  • A decision support model to assess technological paradigms, Alessandro Casagrande-Seretti, Francesca Montagna and Gaetano Cascini
  • Professionals’ use of ICT in hospitals: the interplay between institutional and rational factors, Luca Gastaldi, Giovanni Radaelli, Emanuele Lettieri, Davide Luzzini and Mariano Corso

More information can be found on the IJTM website.

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