An important part of the mission of the CINet is to develop and disseminate to fellow scholars and practitioners the results of research in the area of continuous innovation. The CINet therefore encourages its members to publish the results of their research through journal articles, books, book chapters and (working) papers, and to present their work at conferences, including the network's own international conferences, seminars and workshops.

Home journal

Creativity and Innovation Management Journal (CIM), published by Wiley, is the home journal of CINet. The editors of CIM are CINet members Prof. Katharina Hölzle and Dr. Jennie Björk. The editoral office of CIM is run by CINet executive secretary Jeannette Visser-Groeneveld.

Below you will find references to all the CINet conference proceedings as well as jointly written articles, books, book chapters and papers. Some of these are available for download for free, others can only be downloaded by CINet members.


20th International CINet Conference, "Innovating in an era of continuous disruption", Odense, Denmark, ISBN 978-90-77360-21-7

19th International CINet Conference, "Continuous Innovation: Spinning out and spinning in", Dublin, Ireland, ISBN 978-90-77360-21-7

18th International CINet Conference, "Digitalization and innovation: designing the organization of the future", Potsdam, Germany, ISBN 978-90-77360-20-0

17th International CINet Conference, "Innovation and tradition: combining the old and the new", Turin, Italy, ISBN 978-90-77360-19-4

16th International CINet Conference, "Pursuing Innovation Leadership", Stockholm Sweden, ISBN 978-90-77360-18-7

15th International CINet Conference, "Operating Innovation - Innovation Operations", Budapest, Hungary, ISBN 978-90-77360-17-0

14th International CINet Conference, "Business Development and Co-creation", Nijmegen, Netherlands, ISBN 978-90-77360-16-3

13th International CINet Conference, "Continuous Innovation Across Boundaries", Rome, Italy, ISBN 978-90-77360-15-6

12th International CINet Conference, "Continuous Innovation: Doing More with Less", Aarhus, Denmark, ISBN 978-90-77360-00-2

11th International CINet Conference, "Practicing innovation in times of discontinuity", Zürich, Switzerland, ISBN 978-90-77360-13-2

10th International CINet Conference, "Enhancing the Innovation Environment", Brisbane, Australia, ISBN 978-90-77360-12-5

9th International CINet Conference, "Radical Challenges in Innovation Management", Valencia, Spain, ISBN 978-90-77360-10-1

8th International CINet Conference, "Continuous Innovation - Opportunities and Challenges", Gothenburg, Sweden, ISBN 978-90-77360-09-5

7th International CINet conference, "CI and Sustainability - Designing the road ahead", Lucca, Italy, ISBN 978-90-77360-07-1

6th International CINet conference, "Continuous Innovatin - (Ways of) Making Things Happen", Brighton, United Kingdom, 90-77360-05-0

5th International CINet conference, Continuous Innovation: Strategic Priorities for the Global Knowledge Economy, Sydney, Australia

4th International CINet Conference, "Continuous Innovation in Business Processes and Networks", Helsinki, Finland

3rd International (Euro)CINet Conference,"CI 2000: From Improvement to Innovation", Aalborg, Denmark

2nd International EuroCINet Conference, "From Idea to Reality", Enschede, The Netherlands.

1st International EuroCINet Conference, Gatwick, United Kingdom

Research in Continuous Innovation series

rp-2011-7: IMMS Global Report 2009, ISBN 978-90-77360-14-9

rp-2008-6: IMMS Global Report 2006, ISBN 978-90-77360-11-8

rp-2007-5: Kaltoft, Rasmus, "Collaborative Improvement - Interplay but not a Game". Based on thesis, 2006. ISBN 978-90-77360-08-8.

rp-2005-4: Jørgensen, Frances, "The Journey. A Case Story on Self-Assessment, Group Learning and Continuous Improvement". Based on thesis, 2004. ISBN 90-77360-04-2.

rp-2005-3: Pavesi, Sara, "Enabling Knowledge Processes in Innovative Environments. ICT as a Trigger for Changes in Knowledge Management". Extract PhD thesis, 2004. ISBN 90-77360-03-4.

rp-2003-2: Ronchi, Stefano, "The effects of the Internet adoption in customer-supplier relationships. The markets-vertical alliances divergence and the emergence of collaborative markets". Extract PhD thesis, 2003. ISBN 90-77360-02-6.

rp-2003-1: Gieskes, José F.B., "Closing the research cycle. Verifying the underlying assumptions of the CIMA model on stimulating learning in product innovation processes". Extract PhD thesis, 2003. ISBN 90-77360-01-8.

Working paper series

wp-2006-1: Boer, Harry, Joachim Kuhn & Frank Gertsen, "Continuous Innovation. Managing Dualities through Co-ordination", 2006 ISBN 978-90-77360-06-4


Boer, H., A. Berger, R. Chapman and F. Gertsen (eds.), "CI changes. From suggestion box to organisational learning", Ashgate, Aldershot, 2000.


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