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Creativity and Innovation Management Journal (CIM), published by Wiley, is the home journal of CINet. The editors of CIM are CINet members Prof. Katharina Hölzle and Dr. Jennie Björk. The editoral office of CIM is run by CINet executive secretary Jeannette Visser-Groeneveld.

Below you will find references to all the CINet conference proceedings as well as jointly written articles, books, book chapters and papers. Some of these are available for download for free, others can only be downloaded by CINet members.


2019 20th International CINet Conference
"Innovating in an era of continuous disruption"
8-10 September 2019
Odense, Denmark
ISBN 978-90-77360-21-7
2018 19th International CINet Conference
"Continuous Innovation: Spinning out and spinning in"
9-11 September 2018
Dublin, Ireland
ISBN 978-90-77360-21-7
2017 18th International CINet Conference
"Digitalization and innovation: designing the organization of the future"
10-12 September 2017
Potsdam, Germany
ISBN 978-90-77360-20-0


17th International CINet Conference
"Innovation and tradition: combining the old and the new"
11-13 September 2016
Turin, Italy
ISBN 978-90-77360-19-4
2015 16th International CINet Conference
"Pursuing Innovation Leadership"
13-15 September 2015
Stockholm Sweden
ISBN 978-90-77360-18-7
2014 15th International CINet Conference
"Operating Innovation - Innovation Operations"
7-9 September 2014
Budapest, Hungary
ISBN 978-90-77360-17-0
2013 14th International CINet Conference
"Business Development and Co-creation"
9-11 September 2013
Nijmegen, Netherlands
ISBN 978-90-77360-16-3
2012 13th International CINet Conference
"Continuous Innovation Across Boundaries"
16-18 September 2012
Rome, Italy
ISBN 978-90-77360-15-6
2011 12th International CINet Conference
"Continuous Innovation: Doing More with Less"
11-13 September 2011
Aarhus, Denmark
ISBN 978-90-77360-00-2
2010 11th International CINet Conference
"Practicing innovation in times of discontinuity"
5-7 September 2010
Zürich, Switzerland
ISBN 978-90-77360-13-2
2009 10th International CINet Conference
"Enhancing the Innovation Environment"
6-8 September 2009
Brisbane, Australia
ISBN 978-90-77360-12-5  
2008 9th International CINet Conference
"Radical Challenges in Innovation Management"
7-9 September 2008
Valencia, Spain
ISBN 978-90-77360-10-1
2007 8th International CINet Conference
"Continuous Innovation - Opportunities and Challenges"
9-11 September 2007
Gothenburg, Sweden
ISBN 978-90-77360-09-5
2006 7th International CINet conference
"CI and Sustainability - Designing the road ahead
10-12 September 2006
Lucca, Italy
SBN 978-90-77360-07-1
2005 6th International CINet conference
"Continuous Innovation - (Ways of) Making Things Happen"
4-6 September 2005
Brighton, United Kingdom
2004 5th International CINet conference
"Continuous Innovation: Strategic Priorities for the Global Knowledge Economy"
22-24 September 2004
Sydney, Australia
2002 4th International CINet Conference
"Continuous Innovation in Business Processes and Networks"
16-18 September 2002
Helsinki, Finland
2000 3rd International (Euro)CINet Conference
"CI 2000: From Improvement to Innovation"
17-19 September 2000
Aalborg, Denmark
1998 2nd International EuroCINet Conference
"From Idea to Reality"
13-15 September 1998
Enschede, The Netherlands.
1995 1st International EuroCINet Conference
6 December 1995
Gatwick, United Kingdom


22nd CINet Conference

12-14 September 2021
Gothenburg, Sweden   

Conference website

21st PhD Workshop

10-14 September 2021
Gothenburg, Sweden   

PhD Workshop website

11th CIYA Workshop

12 September 2021
Gothenburg, Sweden  

CIYA Workshop website
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16th CINet PhD Seminar

19-23 April 2021
Potsdam, Germany

PhD Seminar website