Continuous Improvement Using Information Technology Towards Excellence

Start date: August 1997
End date: July 1999
Duration: 24 months

Consortium partners

  • TASIS Ltd, Athens, Greece
  • University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
  • Hellenic Management Association (HMA), Athens, Greece
  • Rotaforme, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Corinth Pipeworks S.A. (CPW), Corinth, Greece

Aim of the project

CUTE was an ESPRIT R&D project (4th Framework) focused on improving the performance of SME companies through the application of Continuous Improvement concepts and tools. The project was completed in July 1999. Its main objective was to develop an IT based methodology for the encouragement and guidance of continuous improvement (CI) initiatives within business processes for smaller companies.

Main results

  • The CUTE workbook. It provides a practical, step-by-step description of the CUTE methodology for Continuous Improvement together with examples and references to supportive tools.
  • The CUTE software system, which is based on the methodology and which supports SMEs to monitor, analyse and improve their business performance. It consists of a business definition (modeling) system, a self-assessment and improvement planning system, an interactive tutorial and a what-if analysis system. It is supported by a performance monitoring module.

Please contact Harry Boer for further information.


Upcoming events

rome17th PhD Workshop
8-12 September 2017
Potsdam, Germany

rome10th CIYA Workshop
10 September 2017
Potsdam, Germany

rome18th CINet Conference
10-12 September 2017
Potsdam, Germany

rome14th PhD Seminar
16-20 April 2018
Stockholm, Sweden



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