CIYA - CINet Young Academics

Being an early-stage academic offers you many interesting challenges and responsibilities. For some of them, you have already developed a good expertise; others require you to gain new competences. This is an exciting but also very challenging time in your research career, where you transition towards becoming an experienced researcher and teacher. Focusing on early-stage academics, CYIA (CINet Young Academics) helps you to deal better with this transition.

CIYA is a forum where you discuss challenging issues for early-stage academics, learn about relevant topics, and establish research activities across and amongst our group of young academics. CIYA is considered to be a collaborative stepping-stone in the direction of becoming an excellent academic.

Typical CIYA topics include:

  • Setting up (joint) research projects – national and international.
  • Acquiring research funding.
  • Developing a publication strategy and publication pipeline.
  • Reviewing for recognized journals.
  • Teaching.

Past activities have included workshops with world-renowned scholars such as:

  • Professor Per Davidsson: "Building international collaboration"
  • Professor Charles Snow: "The review process of top journals"
  • Professor Chris Steyaert: "Innovative teaching"
  • Professor Keld Laursen: "How to address the challenges of a young academic"
  • Professor John Bessant: "Shaping the future of research in Continuous Innovation"

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Upcoming events

rome16th PhD Seminar
20-24 April 2020
Stockholm, Sweden

rome20th PhD Workshop
18-20 September 2020
Milan, Italy

rome11th CIYA Workshop
20 September 2020
Milan, Italy

rome21st CINet Conference
20-22 September 2020
Milan, Italy


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