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11th Young Academics Workshop 

18 September 2020, Milan, Italy 

Developing theoretically rigorous and managerially relevant research on innovation management

The 11th Young Academic Workhop will be held on  Friday 18 September, before the 21th International CINet Conference. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop will be held virtually. Politecnico di Milano will host the workshop, probably using Microsoft Teams as the communication platform.

About CIYA

The young academics workshop is organized by CIYA (Continuous Innovation Young Academics) and is conceived as a way to support the career development of young scholars in the field of continuous innovation by teaching and sharing with them major skills needed in an academic career. Important skills are related to:

  • Supervising MSc and PhD students
  • Teaching innovation to MSc and MBA students
  • Developing theoretically rigorous and managerially relevant research on innovation management
  • Writing and reviewing scientific articles
  • Developing your career – managing your way through academia

Each year one of the above subjects is developed on a rolling base. At the same time, the initiative is aimed at developing the community of young CINet academics, keeping the network alive and providing opportunities to meet and discuss relevant topics.

Theme and Faculty

The theme and program of the 2020 workshop is “Developing theoretically rigorous and managerially relevant research on innovation management”. The workshop will be hosted and conducted by Prof. Paolo Neirotti, who shares his experience with us. The second part of the workshop will be an interactive session based on the “Research Impact Canvas”. The aim is to help researchers to think about their research, stakeholders, ownership of research results, etc. from a research impact perspective, and ultimately about how to impact society with their own research.

Paolo Neirotti is professor at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy, in the Department of Management and Production Engineering. His research interests include the topic of the work transformation ignited by digital technologies. With reference on the resurgence of the manufacturing industry in the Western world, Paolo’s interest mainly deals with how lean and high-performance work systems can find new and more sustainable ways of application through the use of new digital technologies on the shop floor like Internet of Things, Big Data and Collaborative Robotics. His research has been published in Industrial and Corporate Change, the International Journal of Human Resource Management, New Technology, Work and Employment, and Information & Management.


13:00-13:20 Opening and welcome (intro of the attendants, warm-up game, expectations)
13:20-13:40 Developing relevant research – keynote Paolo Neirotti
13:40-13:50 Groups for Research Canvas and explanation
13:50-14:50 Workshop “Research Impact Canvas”
14:50-15:00 Wrap-up

Target Group Eligibility

The target group of the workshop is young CINet academics who have completed their PhD studies, and aim at a continued academic career.


Deadline for registration for the CIYA workshop is 6 September 2020. Registration for the workshop takes place via the conference registration form. If you already registered for the conference but not for this workshop yet, please contact Jeannette Visser-Groeneveld.

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PhD Workshop

PhD students attending the conference can attend the 20th CINet PhD Workshop for free.

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Young Academics Workshop

CIYA will organize their 11th young academics workshop on the Sunday afternoon preceding the conference.

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